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Michelle St Germain

Registered Dietitian  |  Nutrition Counselling & Consulting

Get to Know Michelle

My Professional Focus

I provide online nutrition services to adults living with energy-limiting chronic illness such as: myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and symptoms attributed to post-viral fatigue syndrome. In my practice, I focus on providing support for the management of gut-related issues (e.g. irritable bowel syndrome and food sensitivities), provide coaching about appropriate supplement use, and offer adaptive cooking solutions to support your meal preparation efforts. 

Summary of Services

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Individual Initial Consult

This appointment marks the beginning of your journey. I will conduct a comprehensive nutrition assessment, and we will work collaboratively, so that your needs are met. Using a non-judgmental and trauma-informed approach, we will walk towards meaningful behaviour change, one step at a time.


Individual Follow-up

The frequency and number of follow-up appointments will be decided on together, and will depending on your goals, your readiness for change, and your desire for accountability. It is my ultimate goal to empower you to feel confident implementing your nutrition goals, and satisfied with your self-management skills.


Group Sessions

Stay tuned! I am in the process of developing content for a group program, so that my services will be more assessable to individuals looking for a cost sharing option.

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